Assessing the value of the company


Evaluating the acquisition team

  • Intent to purchase
  • Acquisition team suitability

Determining financing options

  • Financing the employees’ capital outlay
  • Grants and programs for cooperatives

Updating your business and financial plans


Training and accompaniment for buyers (acquiring parties)

  • Learning management skills
  • Making collective decisions
  • Developing entrepreneurial aptitudes

Ideal conditions for
converting to a co-op:

In order to make a business conversion work, you will want to consider a few key elements that will set your cooperative buyout on the path to success:

  • Your team should have complementary skills in both entrepreneurship and management;
  • The group of employees set to acquire the company should already have some individuals with leadership skills;
  • The selling owner should be actively involved in the business transfer;
  • The company should be in good financial health;
  • There should be adequate time for the conversion process to take place;
  • Advice and coaching from experts working with co-ops should be available.